Friday, June 01, 2007

blogging from Berkeley

it has been a long, long time since i last blogged on this space. sure, the calendar says it hasn't even been two weeks, but in the last two weeks, i feel like i've lived and aged years. the two days after my last blog post i spent packing up my life's belongings; the next day i spent 8 hours, with future roommate Rich, loading my and his stuff into our 17' UHaul. then we drove it to DC, unloaded, and unpacked, and then came back up to New Haven. last saturday morning, on the 'Hike with Harold', i felt, for the first time in months, a sense that my life was at peace, that i had crossed the hump of overwork, and that i could actually stop and breathe for a minute, because i didn't have dozens of overdue tasks breathing down my neck.

what a fleeting feeling that was. graduation came and went, including a few quasi-official parties at my apartment, and i found myself very busy with friends + family and with preparing to leave town. then i did leave town - i drove down to baltimore and got on a plane to come out to Berkeley for june and july. i spent all 6 hours of the flight (+ waiting periods) listening to two days' worth of property lectures which i was missing, because the review course began early last week; i didn't mind that, but as much as i almost enjoyed the semi-rote, semi-automatic process of listening to audio and filling in a worksheet, i'm not so certain that it sunk in to my head very well, as i'm currently struggling with review questions for that same material. i've been in berkeley for a day and a half now, and i feel overwhelmed again. i had a new neighborhood to learn my way around; provisions to acquire; several more days of review material to catch up on; new classes starting at the same time; social activities on the horizon; friends i haven't talked to in weeks; leftover law school responsibilities (though thankfully few of those, all journal related); and so forth. and to top it all off i'm still on east coast time, and i stop being productive at 9 pm, and can't sleep in past 6 am without difficulty.

thankfully i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
i'm already provisioned and rapidly getting adjusted to the new space. i will time adjust, i just won't get as much done as i otherwise could. i can stretch out the catching up process into next week easily enough - it's better to learn it right than to learn it fast. my social activities will wait until i am ready for them, and i'll do enough to maintain my sanity.

breathe, chris. juuuuuuuust breathe...


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