Monday, May 07, 2007

busy, busy, busy

i've been very busy the last week or so. fortunately, unlike my classmates, i am not finishing up a paper, writing reading notes, or doing much of anything for my classes. i've just been having 2-3 rehearsals a week for my choir and almost daily rehearsals for law revue, the skit show, which is this thursday.

that, and, as always, obsessing over fantasy baseball. most recently i traded todd helton, billy wagner, and alex gordon for mark teixeira. this was perhaps objectively the worst trade i've made, as i likely overpaid, but the truth is that i wanted to sell gordon, i wanted more HR's, i'm punting saves, and the guy who had teixeira a) also had ryan howard, and b) really likes helton and gordon. so i stand by the decision.

today begins the last week of classes of my law school career, and thus the last week of classes for me, ever, until perhaps the day when i am teaching my own. while i am very much ready to be working, and to be in DC, i don't think it fully register to me until today that this really is the end. yes, i'm sick of it. but this life is all i've known for the last 11 years (counting college, grad, and law school - high school is a little different). i don't know if i'm emotionally ready for this major of an adjustment... in a way, i'm almost glad that i'm going to have bar review lectures in june, to sort of transition me a little bit.


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