Monday, April 30, 2007

a couple links from the web

since that's what this post is about, i might as well have a descriptive title. that, and, it's rather early in the morning, and i went to bed rather late last night, and this pattern is occurring for the second day in a row. the first link is for the backup service mozy which i've been setting up and playing around with the last couple days. the idea and interface are pretty straightforward - you select a backup set of folders on your computer to sync, essentially, and mozy runs in the background and maintains an updated copy of them on the internet. it seems pretty clean to me, and they give you 2 GB free, which is indicative of how cheap storage is these days. the neatest part, and the only reason i feel this software is cool enough to mention, is that mozy automatically maps a network drive which connects to your personal backup area on their servers. they integrated it fairly well with windows explorer. it's a very nice touch.

the other link is to the Hardball Times. at this point in my law school career i'm sufficiently checked out that i only regularly read sports blogs. the current post on THT is one of the most complete and comprehensible descriptions of the sport of cricket that i've ever seen, and for the first time in my life, i feel like i get it. i still think it's a vastly inferior sport to baseball, for any number of reasons, but it has some bizarre and fascinating efficiencies, in its way.


Blogger Arwyn said...

I agree wholeheartedly -- a sport in which you swing at a little ball with a wooden bat and run in circles is vastly superior to a a sport in which you swing at a little ball with a wooden bat and run back and forth.

That said, I only really understood cricket after my third viewing of Lagaan, a Bollywood version of the "underdog team must overcome vastly superior imperialists" genre of sports film. It involves cricket. And lots of singing and dancing.

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