Saturday, April 21, 2007

musing on blogging

a lot of different people blog for a lot of different reasons. probably, for most, it's ego-driven - we blog because we want to share ourselves with the world, in a sense. we share our observations, our thoughts, and our feelings. we share a lot, and it can be very personal, at times. and there are times when the sharing crosses the line, when someone blogs about something that they should not have, either because they're embarrassed about having put themselves so much and so personally on display, or because they blogged about a subject (whether a topic or a person) in a way they should not have. different people probably have different lines, just like in normal social conversations. but in social situations there's always an outlet - there are friends who you can tell anything to, without telling it to the world. the blogosphere is sorta line the minimum common denominator acquaintance, in a way. because it's so clearly public (and even google searchable), you can only say on a blog what you would say in person to anyone, which sometimes feels very limiting.

i'm a very sharing person, in my usual social behavior and in my blogging, but i, too, have my line, and occasionally something is over it. i'm curious about the extent to which such hidden stories work their way in to the timber of my other posts, painting and simultaneously hiding a picture through simple words. or perhaps i'm imagining a level of subtlety that most blog writers, and most blog readers, find unworthy of their time or attention.


Blogger Aviva said...

hmm.... what are you not sharing? we need to have a catch-up lunch.
hope you're ok...

my biggest instigator for blogging: procrastination.
the weeks where i blog almost everyday are weeks where i was supposed to be just working on something; the weeks where i don't blog at all are ones where lots of fun events were going on and i was more successful at forgetting about the work i have to be doing. :)

though sometimes if i haven't blogged for a week or more i'll blog about something just to check in, for fear of losing one of my 5 readers. :)

in the summer though, when i was away from pretty much everyone, i definitely blogged more for the sharing aspect. (so i would actually talk about what i did, or what was going on/i was going through, etc. instead of just posting the pictures or occasional random things i find interesting like i do now.)

12:06 PM  
Blogger Aviva said...

and i just wrote more "original" content here than i have in all of my own 5 previous posts combined.

or in my SAW last night. :(

12:07 PM  

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