Friday, August 27, 2004

another life thread posting

Well, I'm in Baltimore for the last evening. Mooching a neighbor's wireless; the signal's good enough today for that to be quite effective (it usually isn't). My rent-a-truck is filled and parked across the street; tomorrow we go to my sister's. Dad's driving the truck and I'm driving my car.

I'm amazed at how much stuff I had. Especially my kitchen. I'm a horrible cook, but I have everything a good cook needs in my kitchen (thanks to my mother), and I'm moving all of it in case I feel inspired to learn to cook better. I'm also amazed at how many books I have. Those 'small' boxes from U-Haul? They seem larger when you fill them with books and they weigh 40 pounds each. I filled 8 of them with regular books, including textbooks and fiction. I also filled a separate box with just cartoon books (Calvin & Hobbs, Fox Trot, Dilbert, Far Side, etc). I also filled a box with piano music books. So we're talking multiple hundred pounds of books. Egad.

Moving is stressful for me. I'm the obsessive control freak type, so I plan out everything and try hard not to overly manage my helpers, and worry about details that I haven't figured out to my satisfaction. We get things done well often, and we usually get them done on time and efficiently, but it's hard on us and on the people around us. Fortunately I had fairly easy going moving help and I didn't try to control them too much.

Anyway, more once there's something to say other than packing and truck loading details.


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