Thursday, June 24, 2004

Post from Ernest Miller on Hatch's INDUCE announcement

The Importance of...: The Obsessively Annotated Introduction to the INDUCE Act

This is a really thorough and well-done post which presents Senator Hatch's announcement of the formerly named INDUCE act (which is now “Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act of 2004” S. 2560). Ernest adds a number of clarifications and corrections to the announcement. In a couple places he's a little extreme for my tastes, but there are enough interesting edits to make the article well worth reading. Some of the highlights from early in the document:

Artists realize that adults who corrupt or exploit the innocence of children are the worst type of villains. [Well, call me morally challenged, but I consider murderers worse. And I take it these are different artists than the ones that corrupt children through that "rock and roll" or "rap" noise?]


Criminal law defines “inducement” as “that which leads or tempts to the commission of crime.” [Luckily, not every temptation is a crime or there would be more people in jail than free.] Some P2P software appears to be the definition of criminal inducement captured in computer code. [Software is a tool. This is the same as saying that bolt-cutters and crowbars are inducements to burglary.]


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